About Snow Socks


Snow socks are a textile elasticated device that is quick and easy to fit and remove from the tyre to gain traction over a snow covered surface. One of the leading brands of Snow socks, Snoots have been tested by the TUV testing body in Austria and found to be up to 98% as effective as snow chains on snow covered surfaces. Snow socks work by using fibres to grip the snow and resist snow sticking to it, the folds in the material also allow the fabric to grip the snow. Snow socks are often considered to be a better option in the UK market as they are quicker and easier to fit than chains and also are an economical option that are easily stored in the boot, year round. Additionally there is no legislation in the UK that require you to carry chains as is the case in many Alpine resorts. Snow socks are a completely legal product for use in snowy conditions on the roads. 


Another advantage of using Snow Socks over snow chains is that only 2mm of arch clearance is required. Where a vehicle has a very limited amount of space between the top tyre surface and the under arch components, snow socks do not require this space.