Here are some questions we get asked alot....

Q: How do I find products that fit my tyres? 
A: Simply enter the tyre size in the size boxes on the home page and we will display all the products that are suitable for your tyre size. How to read your tyre size.

Q: How many socks do I order?
A: Snow socks and chains are all sold in pairs so if you want 2 socks/chains order qty 1 pack/set. If you want 4 socks (for a 4 wheel drive vehicle), order 2 packs/sets.

Q: How do I order multiple sets for multiple vehicles?
A: The tyre size search will show products suitable for your vehicles regardless of how many vehicles you are buying for. You can enter as many vehicles as you wish in the notes section in checkout.

Q: Are Snow Socks Legal in the UK and Europe?
A: Yes, all of the products that we sell are legal for use in the UK and Europe.

Q: Some retailers are offering universal snow socks, do you?
A: Snow socks as with chains can never be universal as there are so many different tyre sizes large and small. Most good snow sock brands will offer 10-12 different sizes of snow socks to ensure that they are easy to fit, that they hug the tyre and do not leave any loose material that can snag anywhere. Our products all use 10+ sizes to perfectly match your tyre size. 

Q: Can you use Snow Socks on roads that are not covered by snow or ice?
A: No, like snow chains, you must remove them from your vehicle in non snow or ice conditions.

Q: How many snow socks do I use on a rear wheel drive car or a 4x4?
A:  Snow socks are supplied in pairs and are intended for use with the wheels that drive the car. If you have a front wheel drive car, snow socks must be fitted to the front tyres, rear wheel drive cars fitted to the rear and 4x4 vehicles should have snow socks fitted to all wheels. However if you want to improve grip you can fit snow socks on all wheels of a front or rear wheel drive vehicle.

Q: How long will Snow Socks last?
A: Snow socks should last for a few winters at least, depending on the quality of the product and provided they are used on snow and ice covered roads.

Q:  Are Snow Socks suitable for use in Alpine Resorts?
A: Yes they are suitable for use, and where the snow chain sign is shown.