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SILKNET PLUS Snow Socks - Size 50

Silknet Snow socks are an 'easy fit' winter traction aid. You are supplied with 2 socks that are fitted to your drive wheels in 2 minutes. Suitable for cars, vans and 4x4. Silknet is fitted with heavy duty straps on the face of the Snow Socks which allow you to fit and remove the socks easily and without getting dirty!

Silknet has a patented design feature which actually pulls the fabric against the tyre to create a better adhesion to the tyre tread and at the same time create small folds and ripples in the centre of the snow sock fabric that creates better grip between the snow and the fabric.

Silknet Snow Socks Info
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Why Buy These?  Why Buy These?

  • Which Best Buy
  • Quick & Easy Fitting Ideal for use in the UK
  • Suitable for use in the ALPS
  • Fitting Straps
  • PATENTED Centre Grip Band
  • Quick solution to grip in snow 
  • Fitted in 2 Minutes
  • Machine Washable
  • Suitable for use with ABS and ESP 
  • Low Arch Clearance Required
  • Suitable for Summer & Winter Tyres
  • Recommended 50 KM/H Max
  Inside the Box:

x2 Silknet Snow Socks
Storage Bag
A Pair of Fabric Hand Gloves
Fitting Instructions


Tyre Size:
  • 155/75 R15
  • 165/70 R15
  • 165/75 R14
  • 165/80 R14
  • 175/60 R16
  • 175/65 R15
  • 175/70 R14
  • 175/70 R15
  • 175/75 R14
  • 175/80 R13
  • 175/80 R14
  • 185/55 R16
  • 185/60 R15
  • 185/60 R16
  • 185/65 R15
  • 185/70 R14
  • 185/75 R14
  • 185/80 R13
  • 245/25 R18
  • 255/25 R18
  • 265/25 R18
  • 275/25 R18
Product Type:
  • Snow Socks
Suitable For Alps:
Vehicle Type:
  • Cars
  • SUV
  • Vans (LCV)
Time to Fit:
2 Minutes
Glove Type:
Hand Glove
Glove Material:
Thought I was going mad ordering these... Boy was I wrong. I had to fit them twice on the way to france skiing and back and take them off. Well to say I was standing in the snow for longer than 3 minutes each time would be an exaggeration. Still in good condition apart from a very small tear in the seam. Thoroughly impressed.
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