SNOW SOCKS OR CHAINS? Whats best for you...

Snow Socks

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Snow Socks

Snow socks or tyre socks are a quick, cheap and convenient solution to getting moving on the snow. Easy to carry in the boot of your vehicle, the snow socks simply fit over the driving wheels of your vehicle and are fitted in 2 minutes. Leading snow sock manufacturer Snocks® are up to 98% as effective as snow chains on snow covered surfaces, but only take 2 minutes to fit! Even for a first time user! Not only are snow socks quick to fit, but they are also easy to fit and remove, there is no working out which bit of chain goes where, they are very simple to slip on to the tyres!

Snocks Snow Socks

Snow socks including Snocks® are now endorsed and sold by major vehicle manufacturers. SnowchainsandSocks.co.uk offer a range of snow or tyre socks to suite all budgets. But remember... you get what you pay for. We do not offer any budget inferior snow socks and never will. The Snocks® brand of snow sock are fully TUV approved and tested!

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